Department of International Partnerships (Updated)

Strategic Resources M4 - The Department of International Partnerships (IDP/GXA) develops strategic - resource - focused relationships with our university, corporate, NGOs and government partners for Mongolian National University. Our department also manages relationships with our traditional partners around the world.

Team Innovation - The International Partnerships Department (IPD) Team visits clients to strength relationship between our institutions and bodies for shared mutual interest and development. We believe there are always new ways to innovate, train and expand our ventures whether they be locally or far beyond.

Smart Contracts - The International Partnerships Department (IPD) negotiates various agreements and contracts for Mongolian National University aiming to find a win - win between your community and ours. We invest in one another and thus grow together!

Development - The International Partnerships Department (IPD) holds meetings with our partners who come from various countries to visit Mongolian National University. We then formulate fresh steps and creative pathways ahead.

International Perspectives - The International Partnerships Department (IPD) also organizes international conferences and sports competitions bringing experts and specialist trainers from around the world to invest in our students and staff.

For Mongolian National University, we aim to keep in shape with mind, body and spirit - holistically.

Tomorrow's Leaders - The International Partnerships Department (IPD) holds different conferences, seminars and training workshops providing and equipping youth to be tomorrows leaders - today.

Career Strong - The International Partnerships Department (IPD) also helps organize internships for students from our different schools and faculties in order to prepare them for stronger career options.

For you, the director, our candidates are - 'the Winning Force' 

Maybe Medicine, Law, Aviation, Nursing, Dentistry, IT & Design, Construction Engineering, Education, Mining & Engineering, International Relations or another field is your goal and aim. We have scholarships and give advice to our students to map their way forward.

The International Partnership Department (IPD/GXA) has relationships with an assortment partners and programs for students to study overseas in a field of their choice.

Christopher Coles

Executive Director

Department of International Partnerships

Mongolian National University

Making Future Leaders - Right Now !

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The International Partnership Department (IPD/GXA) promotes our corporate vision inside our university and to the world beyond!

IPD is Making Future Leaders - Right Now !