Department of International Partnerships

The 'Department of International Partnerships (IPD)' swims in new waters for Mongolian National University (MNU) around the globe. In this office our IPD staff communicates with our clients, in an assortment of ways, around the planet each new sunrise and sunset. In short, when you are asleep - we are awake. This department forms fresh relationships with universities, businesses and NGOs around the world; and maintains connections with our traditional partners as well. Our work here involves things such as regular negotiations and contract writing. The IPD brands MNU internationally.  IPD is MNU's face and voice to you. We also advise the different schools and faculties of our university on English curriculum development. Our guys also manage worldwide social media so you can reach our university. Yet more, we provide counselling for international students on our campus. Further still, we give weekly Business Leadership classes to help our our students for their education and career needs.