International Partnerships Department (Updated)

The International Partnerships Department (IPD/GXA)

  serves Mongolian National University (MNU) in a number of core business, academic and other areas including:

- Make proposals for various international partnerships

- Receive proposals for various international partnerships

- Negotiate Partnerships

with international universities, corporate partners, NGOs and meet with ambassadors of different governments and attend invitations for the university.

The International Partnerships Department (IPD) also negotiates various agreements for Mongolian National University (MNU) with partner universities in places like South Korea, Russia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Poland, Germany, the United States, India, Canada and with a multitude of other partners beyond.

The International Partnerships Department (IPD) also provides specialized academic and faculty training in the form of   seminars, lectures and outreaches on the land for faculty and our guests from overseas. Moreover, IPD produces various forward thinking media products with our strategic partners and stakeholders to meet constant demands and changes in the educational and business worlds both near and afar.

The International Partners Department (IPD) also takes care of media and press conferences to share with stakeholders all over Mongolia and beyond the vision of Mongolian National University, its people, schools, faculties, programs and its projects as we go together into the future.

The International Partnerships Department (IPD) also hosts partners university presidents, deans, directors and staff from around the world for workshops on our campus in order to develop our institutions and students mutually.

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