Marco Polo at MNU - an Otherworldly Degree Program of the Unexpected Kind

Mongolia is either: the Wild 'East' or it is the 'Wild West'; all depending on where one is coming from as you set foot into this land of mystery.

As you climb down from your plane at Ulaanbaatar's Chingghis Khan Airport you can feel the winds of change. The wind blowing upon these wide Mongolian steppes is literal; and the fresh breathe of change you will add to your professional portfolio can be real. 'Education' is a word that means many things to many people. We use it to mean several different things in the field of education every day. Mongolian National University (MNU) guides you ahead through its Marco Polo Degree Program (Starting 2019) is a way for you as a student to come to Mongolia and complete a degree . This is not your regular degree. Instead this is a degree program of an - 'unexpected kind.' The 'Marco Polo Program' at MNU allows you to journey far beyond the usual four walls kinds of standard education you've known until now. The  Marco Polo Program offers options, for example is our ' MA in Financial Investment Portfolios & Lost Archaeology '. Modules for this program are taken under our supervising professors, leadership from our Schools of Economics & Business Administration, Tourism & Land Management, and include choices of courses from among dozens of specialty options.  In this Marco Polo Program you the student will do part of your course work at MNU's flagship main campus; you will do part of your practicum inside Ulaanbaatar's large financial district; and yet another part inside one of several styles of colourful 'Ger' ('Mongolian traditional family 'yert' or tent') out on the vast steppe; gathering research material in our forests; writing articles upon calming blue lakes;  and traveling out into our Gobi Desert dune regions to supercharge your imagination! You are going to gather useful research material from the wide realms of both the physical world as well as the academic. 'This is your camel and laptop ride far away from Kansas if you can handle it.' Human character is formed through true grit and by quieting a mind unto deeper learning. That is what you will find over here. Put your hat and passport in your luggage. Apply TODAY: @MNUEnglish for your Marco Polo Degree Program through Mongolian National University, add to your life bucket list, flare up your CV, grow your personal attraction value with your project managers - 'while you're at it.' 'Make more of you at living life out at MNU!'

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