Marco Polo (Dual Degree MSc Program) in Lost Anthropology & Rare Earth Minerals Business Analytics

Mongolian National University (MNU) takes the lead with its Marco Polo Dual MSc in Lost Anthropology & Rare Earth Minerals Business Analytics. This is your next step forward.

In cooperation with our School of Business, School of Mining & Engineering, School of Tourism and our International Partnerships Department, this Master of Science (MSc) (dual degree) program you are satisfying both your right and left brain needs. You will be able to choose course electives from multiple schools and departments you are working together to bring you this array of smart resources. 1. as a lab researcher and 2 as an field explorer. You will find yourself out on the Mongolian steppe, moving up into the mountains, moving through our forests searching for sample material, and tracking through the deserts of Mongolia where the sub-surface world or generations past and minerals future wait for you to dig.

Master of Science dual degree advantages:

2 - Different Majors:

1. Lost Anthropology

2. Rare Earth Minerals Business Analytics

These are hybrid real - life experiences:

This MNU program equips you with both sides: the academic (classroom) - and the experiential (field) sets of knowledge.

Yet there is more.

Let's explore:

Major I: Lost Anthropology

Most of the fascinating anthropological wealth in Mongolia is still untouched and still underground  - it lives and we learn where we as people have been.

Note: As part of your life and field research program with us you will get access formerly unaccessable areas and locations

spread across throughout Mongolia.

In this program you venture where others - have not gone. You become the Indiana Jones within you - through MNU.

Major II: Rare Earth Minerals (REE) Business Analytics

As you already know REEs are used in all kinds of electronics and manufacturing like magnetics, phosphors, ceramics, metal alloys, catalysts, glass &  polishing and  globally in the defense industry worldwide. Other items in this industry are far more common and close to you. Even in your hand - .your cellphone'. Everything these days requires these rare earth minerals.

In this part of your program you learn more about the ever growing developing rare earth minerals mining market in Mongolia and how you can be a part of this. Being here in Mongolia, unlike other degree programs, you can actually travel in person for extended research at the sites.

Understand that changes in REEs in Mongolia are going to change and impact the world in many diverse ways. Even to challenging other markets and monopolies - and far more.

'The deposits await you.'

Others study from a classroom. Over here, we go to the sites where exploration for deposits are taking place. Sites not being covered by your news.

You can apply and or ask more questions about our 'Marco Polo MSc in Lost Anthropology & Rare Earth Minerals Business Analytics' (dual degree program) :

Why MNU?

Many universities offer degrees in anthropology. Yet their experience for you is only with a classroom experience on slides far away from the action. In contract to this, Mongolian National University, offers you a lifetime opportunity to step out into the unknown and grow through this MSc Dual Degree. We are in a geographical region of the world where the anthropological relics and rare earth mineral deposits you want to learn about and handle - are actually found.

The practical applications you will gain, and the new sets of skills learned here, are impossible to acquire or fully absorb outside of the realm of wonder that you will find your Mongolian National University adventure, and its growth options, to be.

Your Plan: I want to become educated scientifically and holistically and I'm going to do it at Mongolian National University!


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