Movie Making - Atop Mongolia's Largest University

Film Scene 1: Director of MNU Marketing 'Choidog', MNU Chief Translator 'Sengadoo', Foreign Film Crew Translator 'Ulzii' and Head Camera Tech 'Bill' atop Mongolia's - biggest - university Mongolian National University shooting scenes, and discussing script and cast, for a film you are all going to love and be touched by (More details soon!).

Note: our Mongolian National University MNU rooftop has the best views of Ulaanbaatar (in every director of the compass). The location is also the future for an incoming high end restaurant, shops, special events and more movie shooting! Dine at your favorite place fork in hand while we see all of Ulaanbaatar, the whole downtown core, the mountains - literally every direction.

We have students from our School of Medicine, our School of Law, School of Economics & Business and other schools doing internships in one of our specialty programs. While they grow in their various areas of academic knowledge we also train them  in other areas so they can learn hands on real life practical skills. This includes the fact we train our students in how to create their own startup companies.

Note: The filming is ongoing. Lots of great shots and angles are being discovered. More news to come!

Contact Us: You can reach us on FB @MNUniversity , Department of Marketing  or on FB @MNUEnglish Department of International Partnerships for more details on how to book for your important functions at Ulaanbaatar's highest point - ' so you can be at the top'

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