New Face Competition Success Will Become 'MNU's Got Talent'

Mongolian National University (MNU), Mongolia's largest private university, as well as its most innovative, just finished an incredible talent competition called NEW FACE here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital city. The idea was conceived by a few of the bright minds in our university's marketing department. 

The Events: all the different schools of Mongolian National University (MNU) trained and prepared their own teams over and over and then more

in order to ready themselves to compete in areas such as: various styles of tradition, modern, mixed and newly invented voice and singing, dance, instrumental, acrobatics, interpretive art, catwalk modeling and several clever nostalgic -based themes . The performances by the different schools, departments and faculties were incredible! If this is where they are at right now where will they be in one year. Our students are studying for their degrees in medicine, law, international business, IT and design, engineering, education, tourism, architecture, international relations and other areas of effort and focus. At MNU we believe a well rounded education is one that is academically strong, with a diversity of input, and one encouraging students to develop and train in their own inherent,  G-D given, gifts and skills and use them to the hilt as they venture forth to the ends of the earth!

These young people have an electric charge and energy within them I have not witnesses among students in most western or other asian university and college campuses.

We are READY and growing ourselves even more for a sui generis 'MNU's Got Talent' for you to see usher forth, in the very near future from our youth and numbers!

MNU Preparing Future Leaders - Right Now!

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