New Indigenous 'Sacred Fire' Leadership Program at MNU

'Sacred Fire' is a unique leadership program run by Mongolian National University and MNU International Students Department in Mongolia for Indigenous young people from #TurtleIsland This program has a limited intake (quota) for serious applicants. You will mature in ways both unseen and unheard. You deepen as a person through an outdoor classroom while listening to #storytelling in the traditional Mongolian tent home 'Ger'. You will grow through hiking icecaving mountainclimbing carving You will also learn the art of Mongolian beading You travel away into the desert and experience #lama #monastery #meditation #traditional circles You will feel for the force of canoeing archery and wrestling You will be taught Mongolian language code You will track over the vast open steppe through horsebackriding and far, far more! This program is your journey. It asks you to trust others and find skills you never knew you had. You are made anew here at the edge of the world in Mongolia

You can enroll and let your spirit soar to new #eagle heights through Mongolian National University's Sacred Fire Program as your solid plan for 2019 -2020!

Нийтэлсэн огноо: 7 сар, 2 долоо хоног өмнө