Preparing Future Leaders - 'Right Now!'

Mongolian National University (MNU) is preparing future leaders - 'right now!' In this gathering place for higher learning we enter a 'bold new era for educational opportunities' . As a prospective student in our university you partner with us in our new ventures ahead. Our brand new Innovation & Technologies Centre rises over the Ulaanbaatar skyline. This centre, and the curious projects we have in mind to apply, are a shining gold example of new thought and determination in the new Mongolia.

Whether your dream is to study in Medicine, Law, Economics and Business, Information Technology, International Relations, Civil Engineering, Tourism Mining & Engineering, Education, Architecture & Design, you get to choose from many different programs and faculties at the Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral levels. There is something right for you. There is a way for you to find your future here at MNU! When you visit Mongolia next, come and see us, it will be an honor to meet you.

So invest in yourself by investing in Mongolia's bright new minds the way you should - with MNU.

Talk to us TODAY about applying for that special place in 2019-20 @MNUEnglish

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