Producing Graduates is All About Your and My Future

Welcome to you our to be partners,

We grant our young people the proper learning resources so they can reach competition levels they need to participate in the larger global economy. This includes providing a solid mix of skills and training. This means that we must invest in forming 'well rounded people' when educating our young men and women. Mongolian National University (MNU) aims to produce successfully academic graduates in these kinds of ways: through all the different investors. We have many schools, diverse departments and imaginative faculties who are each involved in preparing them for their years ahead. We also help students into the sports and social clubs they are interested in to grow their range of talents for life after graduation. We also have outside stakeholders and partners committed to strengthening our young learners along their own unique and special journeys. We have a new innovation and technology center. The new centre is helping our students use their energy to contribute to a new Mongolian era; and be the leaders towards that change. Even more our students are going abroad to invest their talents in other lands. They are MNU's ambassadors and fresh energy for your projects.

We develop new programs. We explore new pathways. We form fresh partnerships. We do all this - together!

'Be bold, come with us, we have much to explore together.' Our partnerships mean you get access to Mongolian energy, including our young minds, and far more! and this is only the beginning ...

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