Project Doorway Mongolia

At Mongolian National University (MNU) we have several projects underway to ensure that we continue as a leader and innovator in education, business and key areas of life and commerce, in this beautiful land we call home. One of them is our 'Project Doorway.' Through this project we open doors for partners aiming to grow inside Mongolia. This might be in the mining industry. You may be in education. It can be something you are still thinking on.

Life means being BOLD. Your people come together with ours. We position your people and interests - to grow here.

 'We show you WHERE to begin. We make options for YOU.

To investigate further contact us on FB: @MNUEnglish for more details on Project Doorway and other Mongolian National University and partners developments.

You can also talk to us at International Partnerships Department MNU (Contact: Mr.COLES Email:

to schedule a meeting for your company or university's future over here.

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