Sky Circle Project and MNU Civil Engineering

MNU's International Campus (Explore with this Video) and Innovation TOB watch over Ulaanbaatar's skyline. We think about changes in our city and community for you.

Ulaanbaatar is proposing the building of 'Sky Circle Project' (Watch Video) to respond to ever growing traffic realities here in the capital city.

(Fig 1 Ulaanbaatar Sky Circle Project)

With environmental changes you are aware of, and the large increase of vehicular traffic on Ulaanbaatar's roads, MNU believes that this Sky Circle Project (Watch Video) is very practical construction vision to invest in.

Mongolian National University is responding to these and other presents transportation and infrastructure needs and realities. We understand one needs to think ahead and prepare people for the future who can design and manage new projects we all benefit from.

In our Civil Engineering Program you can contribute your mind and ideas. This program provides students like you with the right physical, psychological and mental juices environment to create your own project ideas for both today's and tomorrow's society!

Your Plan:

Enroll right now here at MNU into an area of your choice inside our Civil Engineering Program.

MNU also offers you '50 different programs' in our different faculties, schools and departments so that you can become exactly the person you want to be!

Mongolian National University is Mongolia's innovation university!

'Come and construct a smarter future - with us'

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