The Mongolian Right Stuff

Mongolian National University (MNU) enters brave new territory. In this territory you need the Mongolian Right Stuff!

MNU just OPENED its (NEW) Aeronautical Program (Autumn 2019) in order to train its students to enter the airline industry.

Applicants can apply for a limited quota placement to train in these areas:

- Aviation Pilot Program

- Cabin Chief Program

- Engineer Program

- Flight Steward Program

- Other Cabin Crew areas are also involved


Trainees are taught industry skills at :

- MNU's International Campus (Mongolia)

- MNU's Eco - Campus (Mongolia)

- other university partner campuses (South Korea)

- other program airfields and airports (other locations)


This new aviation program is offered to our trainees in:

- Korean Language

- Mongolian Language

- English Language

These few are - the Mongolian Right Stuff !