The Upward Venture

Step Aboard.

For you ... it begins right here.

The engines are warming up. The hands lift to salute you.

Every fresh season a bold new breed of person - arises among us.

This breed of person  chooses to go the extra distance.

These are the very people who challenge the boundaries of mind, action and imagination.

Mongolian National University (MNU) just began their ...

New School of Aviation Program Routes

There are many choices including:

1. Pilot Training

2. Flight Crew Training

3. Technical Training

4. Custom Program Choices (Aviation Courses + Course Choices from Other Faculties)

5. Other Areas

Dual Program Options:

1. Aviation + Nursing

2. Aviation + International Language Specialization

3. Aviation + Engineering

4. Other Areas

Student Applicants

For more information on our excellent aviation program, technical preparation and ADVANCED simulator training

Contact: Professor LEE

Head of Pilot Training Program


Strategic Local and International Partners

Invest today - contact us for more on partnership details and impressive options well worth your time

Contact: Christopher COLES

Vice President

Department of International Partnerships, Projects and Investments (IPPI)

FB: Christopher Coles


Enrolling for 2020-21 today!

Mongolian National University (We are 'Mongolia's Innovation University')

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