Top University - The WIN Factor!

Mongolian National University just held its 'Top University' conference at its main campus in Ulaanbaatar. We were excited to see hundreds of students and their parents were in attendance for this event!

Mongolian National University is also expanding! We have just opened up a brand new campus. Come and visit us in our new Innovation and Technology Centre . The view is unbeatable and overlooks downtown Ulaanbaatar!

MNU has over 50 different programs, schools, faculties and departments in which to choose from! Including majors in: aviation, medicine, law, economics and business, information technology (IT), architecture and design, mining, education, esthetics and beauty, tourism and far more!

MNU also has partners so you can do a (2+2) overseas study program (Canada, United States, Korea, China, Japan, Russian and other options) Talk to our International Department for more information on your future study options.

We are also offering brand new programs . For example our new Aviation Program where you can train, along with our partner university in South Korean for flight service on all kinds of aircraft. Imagine yourself in the sky as a career!

Fresh learning environment: MNU just opened a brand new 24/7 resource library inside our modern Innovation and Technology Centre. You can study while getting a view of downtown Ulaanbaatar - day or night!

Food and Drinks: You can have a hot dog, green latte and many other tasty treats on campus as we have just partners with CU (the best convenient store for the best prices) here at Mongolian National University. (You might see me drinking a coffee there too!) There are many other useful and affordable services for students like you nearby as well.

'There is a major waiting for YOU here at MNU.' Ask us more @MNuniversity or @MNUEnglish (on Facebook) for the study program right for you - today! This is WIN - WIN !

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